No matter what business you're in, Office Environment Company can help design an inspiring workspace that has the flexibility to adapt to future needs, maximizes efficiency and focuses on people and how they work.

Our experienced professionals not only take the time to understand your business, but also offer an extensive range of quality product choices, including those specifically tailored for your market. We also offer a variety of procurement resources that simplify your buying process and add value.

creating work environments for businesses


More than a century - that's a lot of experience in creating great work environments for companies just like yours. If your company is an entrepreneurial start-up needing open, collaborative space and sustainable solutions that can accommodate rapid change and growth, we have the answers. In a more traditional industry like legal or finance? We also have an array of high-end wood casegoods that suit your environment and style. Large, small or in-between, and whatever your company culture, we can create the right space for you.

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worksapces for higher education


Office Environment Company has a long-standing relationship with higher education institutions, and we have the right solutions for any type of learning and teaching environment. From learning labs and training rooms to lounge areas, cafeterias, libraries and, of course, administrative spaces, we can help create great places to learn. Educational institutions can also take advantage of preferred procurement options like a Kentucky State Contract and the U.S. Communities Purchasing Alliance.

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healthcare workspace systems


Healthcare is all about balance. It's about creating a supportive environment where patients can feel comfortable discussing sensitive issues with providers and family; where staff stress and distractions are reduced while concentration levels increase. It's using thoughtful and creative solutions to improve the health and safety of patients and staff, support workflow and, importantly, manage costs. A balanced healthcare environment allows all of these elements to work together, forming a total healing environment for patients, families, and staff. Whether it is cultivating a healing culture or making your facility more efficient for providers-we can help transform how you deliver patient care.

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as a preferred haworth dealer we provide a comprehensive product offering for government office needs


Office Environment Company has extensive experience working with government agencies and with multi-site contracts. As a Preferred Haworth Dealer, we not only provide a comprehensive product offering that satisfies government office needs, but also flexible choices in procurement tools and programs to streamline the buying process, such as Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA), Contractor Teaming Agreements (CTA) and an Alaskan Native 8(a) alliance. In addition, we represent numerous furniture vendors on the GSA Schedule, and service state and local governments via a Kentucky State Contract and the U.S. Communities Purchasing Alliance.

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